There's twice as many stars in my sky,


SW :) [ChangMin foreverrrrr]


Changmin, Taeyang, Toma :)

Sherry (may!) = ChangTae (L)
I luvluvluvluvluv Max Changmin (L)(L)(L)
I luvluv Taeyang (L)(L)
I luv Toma Ikuta (L)

A little more;

11:11 is cool but I don't believe in it,
DSLRs, Holgas, Fisheyes are cool but I don't have the moolah,
Photography is fine but I don't have alot of time :( ,
Retro/Funky/Unique/Bizzare hairstyles are cool but I'm still in school,

There are lotsa buts in this world, but that's what makes life interesting and challenging.

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Your love is like o x y g e n Shim Changmin

Nothing, REALLY nothing can be distracting as Shim Changmin, Dong Youngbae.

Shim Changmin told me that the best
gift I ever gave him was
my heart

Dong Youngbae makes my heart spin~