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06 July 2008 @ 07:38 pm
This is just how I feel and yeahhhhhh, no offense or anything.
I will lock this up again if anyone wants me to. It'll be here for the time being.

Senior Xiang Liang and Senior Ryhan:
You've been the best NCOs anyone could ever have, I promise. No matter what happens, both of you will always have a special place in our hearts. I don't know what to say to make things seem better, but some part of us just don't want to let go, yet. But when it's time to let go, it's time to let go. We're sorry for making both of you stressed sometimes and sorry for making both of your voices crack when we are blur and make stupid/silly mistakes that we shouldn't have.

It's like you two are our parents. It's like a child and a mum: When the child is unsteady and falls off during a bicycle lesson, the mum always stays behind as a pillar of strength and as a support for the child. The child will of course fall off millions of times, but the mum never once gives up. When the child grasps the concept and doesn't fall anymore, the mum lets go.

Some part of us don't want you to let us go or to forget us, but maybe it's for the better. :)
We love you alotalotalot and we will definitely miss you alotalotalotalotalot more. x10000000000000000
(confirm plus chop)

You've brought us Bravo'08 together, you've taught us what teamwork and encouragement are all about.

Honestly, for the first activity you had with us, I cried not because you were too fierce or because I was traumatized.
It was because I didn't experience any ROD before and I was somewhat attached to the previous batch of seniors.
I cry alot, anyway. So Seniors, I hope you won't misunderstand me.

You two've been our pillars of strength and you both rock the most!
We hope you'll come back and visit us.
Bravo'08 loves you alot :)

Thank you so much, thank you for never giving up on us. You've brought us to much greater heights. 

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